Business Programs

Dr. Kanu's Business Program includes Public Speaking Workshops, Sales training Workshops, Management Training Workshops, Organizational Communication Audit, Leadership Training, Program Evaluation Workshops and other essential workshops to insure you're Businesses success. 


  • As your business consultant our duties generally begin with understanding what clients wish to improve or fix. This may include reviewing financial statements, evaluating competitors, and analyzing business practices. Once research is complete, Alusune Multicultural Consultants may develop a new business model or prepare recommendations and present them to the client.
  • It will be our job to help organizations solve problems and set goals for improvement. Depending on the client, the goal may be to improve a business's structure, business communication efficiency, profits, performance or perhaps all of these areas.
  • In some cases, you might perform mediator duties, helping to resolve conflict between employees.

Our business consultants are brought in by a company to primarily do these three things:

  1. To detect problems – Whether there’s a decrease in sales, cash-flow issues, or internal management problems, there are issues within a company that need to be fixed. Our business consultant can come in and detect these problems by assessing needs and doing research.
  2. Provide solutions – Detecting the problem is only half the battle. Our consultants will sit down with the owner, and provide an efficient course of action in order to fix the problems. 
  3. Optimization –Hiring our consultant can help provide companies with a fresh outlook on new ideas, evaluate the business as a whole, and determine the best approach towards increasing productivity.

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