Dr. Kanu has authored five publications to this date. You can check them out below!

  • Experiencing Interactive Interpersonal Communication. (2011) Xlibris. United States. ISBN 978-1-4568-5632-8
  • Connecting Intercultural Communication: Techniques for Communicating Effectively Across Cultures. (2010). e-book, Kendall Hunt. ISBN 978-0-7575-8123-6.
  • Reflections in Communication: An Interactive Approach (2008). Lanham MD:  University Press of America.  ISBN 13-978-0-7618-4162-3.
  • Faculty Development Programs. Applications in Teaching and Learning (2011) Iuniverse. Bloomington, In. ISBN 978-1-4620-2449-0
  • Processing Public Speaking; Perspectives in Information Production and Consumption (2014) Xlibris. To obtain a copy, Contact Xlibris at www.xlibris.com